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Welcome to Irodama Chainmaille and Bead Jewelry!

(9/14/2017) - Happy birthday to me! Big 40! In celebration of this momentous day and the very trying year I've had, I'm going to begin work on revamping this website. As soon as I have several things finished with it, including my storefront, I will be removing myself from Etsy. It's been a tough decision but recent changes there feel like they've pushed my hand. Watch this space and pardon my dust!

(4/18/2017) - Hoo boy! Dusting the cobwebs off after what has been a very, very trying year. My father passed away two weeks after my last update to the website and things were in some sort of freefall after that. Between having to pack up and move a house I'd lived in for 9 years and then going through the stress of co-buying a new house with my mother... I've not had much time for anything let alone maille.

However, I am now working on fixing this fact. I have a temporary workspace set up and am working on getting back on the horse. I hope to get some new things posted here in the coming months as I apply to a few conventions to try and get some selling in this year. I did not get into Katsucon for this year and Otakon did not select me either so I'm hoping for a couple of other avenues! As always, my Etsy shop is still open as is the shop page linked off of here for currently commissionable designs.

Thank you for stopping by and continuing to come back if you've been here before! I appreciate it more than I can say! Onwards to the future!

(1/10/2017) - Happy Belated New Year, one and all! I know it's been far too long since I've updated here. I confess that a good portion of my creativity and time had been sapped by handling my father's illness and then going headlong into the holidays at work.

However, I am getting that back now and trying to get new things up! Right now I'm trying to get several new things done with the chance that I might get an at-con table at Katsucon (I utterly missed the signups for a table last year). I'm also putting my foot forward tonight to enter the lottery for Otakon 2017! I'm really hoping for that one as I want so badly to see how the new space in DC is! Wish me luck!

As always, all of my currently available items can be seen via my Etsy page to the side. There are a few items available for commission under the Shop page, so take a look there, too! Stay tuned for wonderful new things! Consider supporting me on Patreon, too. Thank you!

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